The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council & Federal Council of Australian Apiarists Association held their A.G.M. in Launceston Tasmania on the 10th & 11th July 2006, this followed the Tasmanian Beekeepers A.G.M. on the 7th & 8th July, at which Shirley Stephens was given Life Membership of the TBA Inc, in recognition of outstanding achievements and invaluable service to the State Association & the Honey Industry,

There are three members of the Stephens family who have been presented with this honour - the Late Robert Stephens founder of R. Stephens, his son Ian Robert Stephens present Owner & Manager and this year his wife who together manage the Apiary and Packing Plant together with their three sons Ewan, Neal & Kenneth.
One of the highest awards in the Australian Industry was presented at the AHBIC dinner by Vice President Eduard Planken & President of the Honey Packers & Marketers Association of Australia. This was the Award of Excellence 2006, for the provision of outstanding services to the Apiary Industry in Australia awarded to Mrs Shirley & Mr Ian Stephens by the Australian Honey Bee Industries Council.
This was a great honour of which we are very proud as we have worked very hard as a Tasmanian Icon Product.
Ian has served the Industry in many roles, visiting every mainland state & overseas countries, always willing to share knowledge of practical beekeeping & Packaging innovations. He served as President and is still  Vice President of the HPMAA assisting with the evolving of the Industry from the Honey Board days through to Australia Horticultural Association, where Shirley assisted with the Industry Marketing Forum and on to the present day Association AHBIC, where they have both represented Tasmania & still do on the Executive


(From Left to right): Stephens Ware - Executive Director - AHBIC, Ms Susan Ley - Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries anf Forestry, Ian Stephens, Shirley Stephens, Stephen Fewster - Chairman - AHBIC