From the
Flower to the Bottle

Click here for a PDF version of "From Bees to You" a pamphlet made for the USA market

Whether it is Tasmania's unique leatherwood (pictured)  from World Heritage areas or clover & blackberry blossom from Tasmania's lush farm land, it is from this small beginning that our unique honeys are gathered.

Hives are positioned in areas in the North/Northwest of  Tasmania in spring & early summer (September to December) before being trucked to the West coast of Tasmania in time for the Leatherwood flowering. The hives are palletized & strapped together for transport.

The supers ( honey boxes) are returned to Mole Creek to have the honey extracted. The honey is stored by the bee in honeycomb which is made up of hexagon shaped cells for maximum storage and strength. The protective capping of bees wax placed over the honeycomb must first be removed before the honey can be extracted.

The frames containing the honeycomb are placed in a centrifuge to extract the honey, which is then strained &  stored in stainless steel vats.

When required  the honey is first filtered to remove any small traces of honeycomb before bottling. 

Lids & labels are placed on the bottles by machine before being packed to our customers requirements

Have you noticed that the only change in the above process is the container. The pure honey in the honeycomb  has not been altered in any way it's just  been transferred into a more convenient container.





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